- In response to Covid-19 we have changed our business model to keep you safe.

- We are now a visitor free 24 HR PRIVATE ACCESS - MEMBER ONLY FACILITY.

- We are eliminating daily and weekly visitor passes which comprise over 90% of our customer base.

- Rather than servicing over 3,000 visitors per year, we will focus instead on the privacy and safety of only a few hundred members.

- We have a new and improved digital personal entry code system. No more key cards.

- Members can bring guests.

- We have added the number of days we were closed by the State, to your expiration date.

- We have a different rate structure, and streamlined procedures to go over with you.

- Existing members must come in during staffed hours for a walk thru prior to exercising.

- We will be OPEN FOR WORKOUTS SAT 5/23

- New annual memberships are available, you do not need to be a current member to enroll.

Updates and Covid-19 Response


In order to protect and greatly enhance the safety of our members, when we re-open, we will be reducing our customer base and subsequent participation by 90%.

Here's what that looks like, and how it works...

Because the vast majority of Siesta Key's accommodations do not offer on site fitness, for the past 13 years we have been inundated with short term visitor passes. Last year we did over 3,000 daily and weekly passes. This constant influx is why we are at times very busy.

By becoming a 24 HR MEMBER ONLY PRIVATE ACCESS CLUB, instead of servicing over 3,000 visitors per year, we will focus instead on the safety of a few hundred members only. You the members will notice an immediate and drastic reduction in traffic.

How will this affect the cost?

For the past 13 years, because over 90% of our business has come from the high volume of visitors, our way of giving back to the community and maintaining good will with the residents was to offer a super low "give away" type annual rate of only $1/day. In reality, the visitors subsidized the annual members. Because we will no longer be offering visitor passes, and because we have had such overwhelming feedback from our members requesting a more private environment, and because we simply have no other choice in responding to the way Covid-19 will change things well into the future, we will in essence be offering an entirely redesigned and improved product that provides much greater value to the members.

In our discussions with our member base, the overwhelming feedback is that our new pricing structure is extremely fair and reasonable. We will be offering various flexible membership options ranging from only $11 to $15/wk.

Other improvements will include: free ongoing educational seminars with Bruce, (nutrition, cardio, weight training, flexibility, and fitness offerings for kids), an updated and improved 24 HR Access system that operates with a 4 digit personalized code, and options for members to bring guests anytime.

We will also be adding the total number of days we were closed to your current expiration date. When you come back in for the first time, we will walk you through our streamlined protocols, issue you a personalized entry code, and explain your options of upgrading your current membership.