Mike Kaplonski

B.S. Exercise Science/Sports/Studies
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
11 Years Industry Experience

Bernadette Gannon

Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy
ASFA Fitness Specialist Certification
Certified Sports Nutritionist & Life Coach
29 Years Industry Experience

Personal Training

Work with one of our trainers for more efficient and effective workouts, greater consistency, and better, faster, and more noticeable results.

Bruce Day

B.S. Physical Education/Teacher Certification
B.S. Physical Education/Sports Management
Owner/Operator of Fitness Centers for 31 Yrs
25,000 Hours & 32 Years of P.T. Experience Injury Rehab Specialist

Patti Waller

Ace Certified
Prehab - Post Rehab Specialist
Triathlon/Marathon Coach
19 Years Industry Experience

De Day

B.S. Exercise Science/Physiology
Minor in Sports Nutrition
Certifications - ACE & ACSM
18 Years Industry Experience

Joe Booe

Ace Certified
Injury/Post Rehab
Golf/Tennis  sport specific specialist
30+ Years Industry Experience Sarasota County Firemedic