Are you a rental owner and want more business?

According to Trip Advisor and VRBO the two most requested amenities for vacationers are Wi-Fi and Fitness, and the bottom line is they expect both included in the cost of their rental.

Siesta Key is perhaps the last major vacation destination on the planet where virtually none of the places of accommodation offer adequate fitness facilities. 

The success of this program for you is not about you trying to determine if your existing customers will use our facility, it's about us redirecting the 7500+ visitors to our website each month to you, and the 25000+ visitor workouts we do each year directly to you! Check out the links below...

300% ROI... if you charge $1500/week and you pick up just one more customer each year!

Just imagine the great reviews you'll get by providing your guests access to a state of the art fitness facility. We look forward to partnering with you and sending you more rental traffic!

To sign up your rental unit, call (941) 349-8500

For only $2 per day (prepaid annually) a rental property can enroll in our Partner Program and include FITNESS access for their renters (2 per rental term) throughout the entire year.

Are you a renter and want FREE FITNESS? 

Just Ask! Simply call and or email the property owner, manager, or rental agent, and let them know that as a paying customer you have 3 concerns:

(1) fitness on vacation is super important to you,

(2) remind them that they do not offer fitness on site,

(3) make them aware that there is an extremely inexpensive option available to them whereby they can instantly enroll online in our partner program.

Frankly, because this is a new program, most owners are simply not aware that option for keeping existing customers coming back, and attracting new customers, even exists.

Quite simply, just by you making them aware of how inexpensive this program is, and how much you would appreciate their consideration, more than likely you could be working out for free the same day!

If your rental does not want to offer you access, please keep in mind that we are the only gym on the island, we charge less than the gyms on the mainland, and we are happy to refer you to one of our rental property fitness partners on your next trip to Siesta Key.


If you are a renter at one of these units, when you come in the first time simply bring your rental receipt/agreement and ID, and we will enter you in our system.

Property owners and managers, please be sure to inform your renters that they need to bring in a printed copy of their rental receipt/agreement and ID on their first visit.


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